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A Perfect Day in Paradise!
Krabi, Thailand- May 18, 2000

Some days are just too perfect to not share with friends, so I thought I'd let you in on this one.

Waking at 9:00am I walked out on to the beach and walked in the sand which is like silt here and your toes sift right into it. Its just amazing to walk on empty beaches on and on with the waves rolling in beside you, nothing but palm trees to the side.

Later went and did some work as there are things at the office I need to take care of here, but that wasn't much of a torture either as I sat next to the beach and did my e-mails as the waves bathed me in white noise.

Then off to a wonderful lunch next to the pool with tomatoes and mozzarella. YUM! I've had that dish almost everyday now and think I'm totally addicted. Keep expecting to get constipated with all this cheese but its just so wonderful!

I spent a good part of the afternoon watching crabs build little balls of sand with their mouths and spit. These little balls covered the beach as far as I could see. It seems that these little families of crabs from the biggest to the little babies so small you can barely see them, spend the low tied just making these little sand balls. Of course as soon as the tied comes in these little balls which you could probably fit five on your smallest fingernail are washed out and the whole story starts again tomorrow. Sitting in the sand watching I'm reminded how amazing nature is in that if you just watch long enough you will be astounded by the amount of action that is going on you didn't even see.

I've done a little video as well for you so you can see what I was seeing with these little guys.

Then after a lovely nap in the sunshine - actually in that chair above in the sunshine, there is a huge lobster thermidor waiting in the restaurant along with a 1/2 carafe of white wine.

Just a little happy from the wine but with a very full stomach, its back down to the beach to wander in the silver moonlight of an almost full moon. The color was like cold gray but the ocean is the perfect temperature. Looking at the waves, I saw something similar in its uniqueness to a falling star with one little luminescent fish which caught my eye for just a second before being washed over and taken back out to sea. I kept watching but didn't get another glimpse. So many things like that, the opportunity comes so close but slips away before you have a chance to grab it.

With the water the perfect temperature, I took off my clothes and floated in the warm ocean water looking up at this incredible moon. A little skinny dipping in the Thai moonlight and warm ocean seems to do just the trick. I've grown a beard and feeling the waves break on the beard is a new and unusual feeling. After a strenuous swim out away from shore and back I laid in the sand tired and breathing hard. Kept thinking this would be an amusing picture should someone walk by, as with the moonlight this bright some naked white guy on the sand couldn't be missed. ?:-p

That was today, tomorrow is my last full day in paradise with a sea canoe trip to some caves and out into the ocean. Perhaps I'll get another video for you...

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